It is important to be represented by a licensed and bonded professional that works for you, the insured.   All of our services require NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET.

Policy Coverage Reviews

Our team members will review your homeowners, business or commercial policy.  We will determine the policy type and make recommendations on updates to the policy.  Updates may include additional coverage as well as the removal of excess coverage.  The latest version of the declaration page of the policy is required.   The full policy is an added benefit.  This review is performed at the insured property so that we can determine if the policy properly covers the attributes of the property.

Damage Assessment and Claim Assistance

If you have incurred sudden and accidental damage to your property within the last calendar year our team members will assess the damage to determine if the insured should or SHOULD NOT file a claim.   If the damage is covered we will determine the cause of the damage, create a unit cost estimate representing the full extent of the damage and use proper policy language to present the damage to the insurance company on your behalf.

Re-Open an Old (or Denied) Claim, Take Over an Existing Claim

If you are in the midst of an active claim, have received a settlement that is not to your satisfaction, been flat out denied, or just called the insurance company and actually thought “I should have called a public adjuster”… Call Us! We prefer that you contact us prior to notifying the insurance company, but we can assist you with a claim during any part of the process.   We can take over an open claim and represent you to the insurance company from that point forward.  If you are dissatisfied with a claim settlement or an offer made by the insurance company we can determine if there is claimable damage that has not been paid for by the insurance company.

Our normal statute for re-opening a claim is up to one year.  However, if the damage still exists (and has not gotten any worse), there is a possibility that we can still re-open the claim.

Our staff is experienced in getting the most for our customers. We’ve worked on many different types of loss claims. Our committment is to work on your behalf and take the stress out of dealing with the insurance companies.

Our Staff

Akey Ahiem

Akhtar Ajmeri

Kausar Bajwa
Pam Booth

James Burrus

Dassy Dieffenbach

Kara L. Edwards

Ralph Grier

Kara Hester

Donna Long

Lori Privet

Jason Young

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